Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello from Vacationland!

First of all, Texas is hot. And when I say hot, I don't mean, "man I could really use a nice tall glass of water about now" hot, I mean "it's so hot my face melted as soon as I stepped outside" hot. And everyone knows that when it's ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES out there, that, of course, is the time when outdoor nature type activity is the best, right?

No? You mean most people stay in the comfort of air conditioning when it's so hot you can fry an egg in the shade? It can't be. That makes WAY too much sense to be true. Here in Texas, we prefer to go look at fossilized dinosaur tracks and splash around in living-thing-infested water. Why? Because we're in Texas. Is there any other reason?


I may be slightly crispy, but not as deep fried as the rest of my family who went back for a second round of skin-scorching fun in the sun after lunch. Yes, that's right. I was the party pooper sitting in the shade for round 2 of water hole fun. However, now I get to chuckle merrily as I slather my family in aloe and hydrocortisone cream. Also, I shall sleep far better than they as I will not wake up from blinding pain every time I roll on to my back.

Anywho, I can haz audio bitz! Yay! So far, I have recieved recordings from two of the awesome folks in the cast. My hats off to Mur Lafferty and Dr. Priest for getting their segments to me ahead of schedule! You guys rock my socks! And my socks have very high standards.

So, I know that's not much news on the podcast front, but I am on vacation. I'm entitled to slack a little bit. Yeesh. Saturday I have an appointment to lay down some recording with a friend, so wish me luck that I don't get ditched. I've only got one shot to get her. I have threatened to do that voodoo that I do to her if she tries to give me the slip. I only buy that car accident excuse so many times before I take you off my christmas card list. This is the sound of an idle threat. Hear me roar! *mew*

Well, I am off to take my shower and then to bed. I am feeling slightly Denny's-ish, but the sun has drained me of desire to do anything but sleep. Hopefully I will have good things to post about after Saturday. Don't make me use this strangely life-like representation of you, Shauna! *shaking fist*

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Anonymous said...

why am i not on your xmas card list?!... (*sigh*) :( - hope all goes well with your friend.