Thursday, June 04, 2009

What are YOU listening to?

Another doc visit, another prescription. The Cold That Wouldn't Die continues to...well, not die.

But enough about my health FAIL. Today I would like to talk about some of the authors that I like to listen to. Maybe give you all some recommendations. The first one I have to mention is Mur Lafferty's Playing for Keeps. This was the first podiobook I ever heard and is officially responsible for getting me hooked on podiobooks. I downloaded it on the advice of Jamie Jordan, as he wanted me to hear what he wanted to do with my book. If you have even the slightest interest in superheroes or comedy or just a damn good story, this is a book you must listen to.

Another that recently impressed me was Morevi: Remastered written by Tee Morris and Lisa Lee. And while the story and writing are nothing to sniff at, what really blew me out of the water was the audio production of the podcast. The sound effects, the guest voices, the was just flawless. I am obsessively thinking about having some folks record speaking lines for TDT, but it might be a bit tough to do on my schedule this time around. I especially have to give a great big hats off to Philippa Ballantine for her portrayal of Askana Moldarin, the female protagonist. Simply brilliant. If you want to hear podcasting at its finest, Morevi is a can't miss example of audio mastery.

Two others that I must mention next, and they are two very, very different authors. The first is Collin Earl with his House of Grey podcast. I think I like this story because it is very much like the kinds of stories I myself write. The House of Grey is a beautifully woven tale that speaks of innocence and the belief that magic is real. A tale like this is a fragile thing. You have to be willing to put aside all your jaded, real world thoughts and lose yourself in fantasy and illusion. It's target audience is young adult, but, as J.K. Rowling proved, a good story is just a good story. When you can set aside the ugliness and monotony of the every day, you can take yourself back to that time when anything was possible. High school not quite a bright spot in your memories? The House of Grey can take you back and change the experience to one of beautiful people with lots of money doing mysterious and supernatural things. And while there is a slight sense of cliche in the 10 Things I Hate About You or She's All That kind of way, it's not clear that there will be a happy ending. I picked this one up primarily for listening in the car with little ears present, and ended up with an addictive plotline to boot. I needed it because the next author I'm going to mention is most definitely NOT suitable for children.

And who else could I be referring to if not Mr. Scott Sigler? Okay, perhaps I could have said Matt Wallace or J.C. Hutchins. But no. Today I talk about the self-proclaimed FDO. In particular, I have got to recommend Infected, and it's sequel, Contagious. Mostly this is because the final episode of Contagious posted this past weekend and it's still fresh in my mind. Not only is Mr. Sigler a NY Times Bestselling Author, but he's a rather gifted weaver of tales as well. If you're adversed to blood, violence, and cursing, I'd steer clear, but you'll be missing out. Not only are Sigler's stories engrossing (and sometimes gross), he's also a phenomenal narrator with a head chalk full of science. Part of what makes his brand of horror so disturbing is how plausible facts behind it make it seem. He's got the fine art of military tactics and current arsenal down cold, as well as a solid foothold on biology and chemistry. The key to making all that entertaining to the reader/listener, is that the explanations don't go over your head. He doesn't overwhelm the reader with the minutae of DNA and chemical reactions, instead making it an integral part of the story while giving things such as muscle fibers and microscopic organisms what seem like almost character roles. His insight into the very thoughts of his victims and badies give each character their own unique nuances, so much so that you could believe these people were no less real than you or I. His own brand of voicing brings them to life. Especially creepy is the premier auditory experience of those nasty blue triangles. I could have crawled out of my own skin when the first "No! Kill!" seeped through my speakers. Sigler can truly take you on a thrilling ride.

So now that you have some suggestions, I highly recommend you go and seek out these superior podcasts. You've heard the rest, now hear the best. And tell them I sent you.


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