Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cover Art FTW!

Okies, so, I am SUPER excited right now.

After hemming and hawing over asking someone to create the cover art for The Dreamer's Thread, I sat down last night in a fit of inspiration and started drawing.

Yes, you read that right. I drew something.

Haven't really put pencil to paper since circa fall '06 when I took Perspective and Drawing I from Art Institute Online. I thought then maybe I was okay at it, but any other passing attempts since then deflated the small bit of confidence I had there.

So imagine my overwhelming feeling of WIN when I churned out a bit of hand-drawn awesome in about an hour and a half or so last night. I scanned the awesome, worked my digital design magic and just finished what I think might be something good enough to call the official cover art of The Dreamer's Thread Podcast.

Okay, so there's folks out there that will take a look at this and go "uh, it's fine I guess", but to them I say "so show me something better ***hole". LOL. Well, maybe not quite that way, but if you think you can do better I challenge thee! If you are full of more awesome than I am, by all means feel free to one-up me.

Without further ado, I hereby present to you...


Alright, you may now bow down in the pressence of my awesome and bask in the glow of my WIN.

And did I mention... SQUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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