Saturday, June 06, 2009

Frazzled nerves

One bad thing about being a procrastinating overachiever is that your ideas often are much, much larger than what you are actually capable of doing. This is especially true when you have grand ideas of a collaborative project that requires the compliance of other people. The hardest thing to do is ask someone who knows nothing about you for help in furthering your dreams. More so when those strangers are already leagues ahead of you on the road to success. You want their name attached to your project to help promote it, but since you're nobody, it's very very hard to convince them they should acquiesce to your request. Thus, you end up feeling like it's a very private club that they won't let you in. Sort of like high school, only actually important.

Another problem with trying to get these folks to help is that they tend to be very busy, and simply cannot, even if they want to. Being a newcomer, it is also very easy to make a social gaff and feel hugely embarrassed when they call you out on it. And then there are those who will help, but the price for that assistance is much higher than you are willing to pay...especially when there is no guarantee for payoff for you.

This is a tricky game, especially when no one tells you the rules. It's like trying to tunnel through rock with a very small hammer and chisel, and there's miles of stone between you and your goal. Even if the others would just chip at the rock a tiny bit with you, that would further you along, even if just by the tiniest bit.

So, what to do? Nothing for it but to keep trying I guess. It's been a slightly discouraging day, but it's not all bad. I did decide on music for TDT. The song I found is beautiful and perfectly suited to my tale. I'm not going to spoil the surprise of which one it is right now, but I think people will agree with me when they hear it.

Anyway, now I wait for email replies and hope for the best. Finding just the right voice isn't easy, especially when you can so clearly hear a character in your head. And it isn't as though I can get some voices and not others. The male characters are proving the most difficult.I can pull off a gay man easily enough with a little voice filtering, but that's about the extent of my talent there. Doesn't help that moving a lot also means my pool of nearby friends is very very limiting as each time you move, you're just less enthused about having to make friends all over again. Thus, my options for using my friends voices on my equipment is probably a harder thing to accomplish since most of my friends are nowhere near me. At least other podcasters have the right equipment for recording audio.

Maybe I should just throw a kegger and make people audition at the door. Then I can just plop them in front of my mic, give them their lines, and be done with it. LOL

This could be a really fun project. I just wish more people wanted to have geek fun with me. *sigh*

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