Monday, June 15, 2009

A Productive Monday...WTF?

So, yours truly was quite productive today. This morning I obtained coffee in a timely manner and immediately set to work...and was then ordered to put on real clothes and make myself presentable...but then I got right back to work.

First thing I did was create promotional things to put up on the website for TDT. I created a US letter sized poster and 4-up fliers both in black and white and in color. These are so I can get other people to print them out and put them in conspicuous places where others might see them. Cuz, well, it ain't enough to just pimp yourself these days. I need everybody to pimp me too. Well, not really me, per se, but definitely the book/podcast.

LOL. I am now thinking of offering official PIMP buttons as rewards for those who distribute my propaganda. Relax, Jamie. There can be only one Pimp Extraordinaire...erm, unless you count your stand-ins (Charlie, Shauna, Cani, etc. lol). Anyway, you're not losing your job. :P

I also am close to revealing another podcaster who will be lending his voice. I am 90% sure he is on board, but until I hear a definitive yes, I shall have to keep it under wraps.

Along with working on that bit, I also sent off a few other relevant emails and re-re-recorded the promo for TDT. There were some bits still nagging at me and at J as well, so we collectively decided to fix it. We are both rather picky about things, so we agree a lot when stuff isn't quite right. Then again, we do tend to bicker like siblings as well. People laugh at us. But that's cool. I am not beyond sarcastically teasing someone in a wheelchair. Especially when he starts it. Ya did too! :P

And lastly, the website is in the process of another update. We're (I mean I'm telling, Web Monkey Scott is doing) changing it to reflect the cover art color scheme as well as updating the content as well. Hopefully these changes will go live tonight. But as Web Monkey just bought a new 15" MacBook Pro today, he is transferring all his data to new awesomeness. So, it may or may not go up tonight. The new toy always trumps the real work.

Anywho, that is all for the moment.

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