Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Website Work

So, I'm doing some more work on the website for TDT, which is going to include putting a link to this blog there, instead of creating a whole new one. I've gone through the layout here on blogger and added some stuff like my Twitter feed (follow me!) and a whole ton of links at the bottom of the main page. These links take you to a bunch of other author/podcasters, and, of course, a link to Jamie Jordan's website. Without Jamie, none of this would have happened. The podcast of TDT was his idea after he read the novel, and without his knowledge and experience, this dream would have faded long ago. So please check him out! He does other work with other podcasts including Gaming Uncensored as well as Mur Lafferty's Playing For Keeps. He's all busy with E3 this week (fooey on that!) so he's not been around to bug me about working on stuff. He also pimps me in Second Life for my other part-time job as a live internet radio diva! That's neither here nor there as far as this blog is concerned, but should your curiosity be roused, you can check out that facet of me here.

I also started work yesterday on recording the promo spot for know, the thing that you beg other podcasts to play so you can get more listeners? I finally have all my words right, there's just one thing wrong. I am STILL congested. I swear it's the cold that wouldn't die. For over a month I've been either coughing my lungs out, trying to halt a running nose, praying my head would explode to stop the sinus pain/ear infection, or unable to taste, smell, or hear much. It's pretty much been a month of SUCK. This is what I get for quitting smoking? There's incentive for you. X_x

There's a few other things in the works, but I'm keeping those under wraps at the moment until I know for sure if they'll work out or not. So there's more news to come. I am tentatively announcing a launch date of July 1st for TDT podcast, so cross your fingers it doesn't get puched back AGAIN. For now, I'm off to meet my new doc and do a few errands.

*smoochies* to you all!

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