Thursday, August 20, 2009

TDT: You wanna help?

You would think by now I would have the entire story cast, yes?

Well, if you do think so, you'd be very wrong.

The thing is, I worry about all the big parts first, as they are the most difficult to cast. They can be time consuming if the characters appear in every episode, and maybe that person you think has THE perfect voice just doesn't have that kind of time available. It's also finding the right voice that's difficult. I spent many hours listening to other podcasts to find just the right person for a major character. For some it was easy. I knew immediately with Cheyenne Wright and Philippa Ballantine. If either of them had said no I'm not sure what I'd have done. ^^;

But now I'm looking at the scripts for the second half of the book/podcast and I've compiled a list of small parts that I don't know what to do with. Since episode 1 debuted, I've gotten a few requests from folks asking if I had any parts left. So last night, as I portioned out the scripts for episode 19, I started making a list of all those little parts that I could really use filled. These are all in later episodes (think late October on), so there's no rush on time if you can't do it right this second. If you're at all interested with being listed amongst podcasting greats like Tee Morris or Mur Lafferty, here's your opportunity. As they say in theater, there are no small parts, only small players. Here's your chance to show us what you got! And you never know, if I really like you, you may get called back for another story...or even a sequel! Well, that doesn't sound at all egotistical. LOL at myself. :P

So take a look at the following list and see if anything strikes you. Remember, these parts will only appear in 1 or 2 episodes. Only a few lines unless otherwise noted.

- A small (sometimes large) golden dragon very reminiscent of Sir Didymus in Labyrinth. You know, the little terrier that rides around on the shaggy dog? Fake accents totally acceptable. Over the top welcome! His part spans two episodes and has more lines than the others listed here.

Wan - A nature spirit. Looks like a little hippy gnome. I'm interested in hearing what folks think he sounds like. LOL

Lichshire Elder - Your basic grumpy old man. The "get off my lawn" type.

Old, one-eyed woman
- Could be grandmotherly with a "get off my lawn" streak.

Dremblaat - council member representing the swamplands. He's kinda gross. Has a burbling voice. Might do some voice filters on him if needed.

General Krom - Centaur general. Deep and manly, maybe growly. Up for interpretation.

General Mu - Air calvary general. Hey, guess what! He's a talking crow. Can you sound like a crow?

General Gertz - Nervous man with great tactical skills. Makes me think of the king's go-to guy in Disney's Cinderella movie.

General Cross - a round, blustery man with mutton chops. A human general.

Mysterious Old Man - He appears only in the last episode. More nice grandfather than "get off my lawn" type. Think Dumbledore crossed with an old Appalachian backwoods guy in a rocking chair. Only without an accent.

I think that's the whole list. Hopefully I haven't botched things and left out a character for episode 6 or something. Would be like me. LOL

Don't limit yourself to just one part if you think you can change your voice enough to do another one or two. There's a lot of male characters on this list, so don't hold back! Like, if you can be a croaky crow AND a get off my lawn geezer AND a blustery general, by all means. The character roles are great for flexing those dramatic muscles. If you want one of these roles, drop me an email at threaded(dot)dreamer(at)gmail(dot)com or DM me on Twitter. Instructions will follow.

One other note, make sure if you play the promo for The Dreamer's Thread you let me know so I can tweet and blog all about it! Episode 6 of Trapping a Duchess over at went live this morning and includes a TDT promo! Thanks much, Michele! Cast members get first crack at TDT episode promos, but I am more than happy to play promos for people who pimp me! Hehehe. Everyone wants to be a pimp, right? One hand washes the other, etc etc.

Big thanks again to everyone for making this week INCREDIBLE for me! Stay tuned!


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