Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More breaking news!

Okay, some of you (you know who you are @alruff lol), can't keep your horses in the barn so here's the news you really want to know.

The Dreamer's Thread will be available on iTunes some time today!

LOL. What do you mean, that's not the news you were expecting? I thought it was exciting!

Alright, alright. Here it is.


Oh yes, the godfather of podcasting (he literally wrote the book) has made me a happy woman in deed. Granted, you folks won't hear him until the end of October according to my release schedule, but that's more greatness you have to look forward to. Also in that same episode, Philippa Ballantine will make her debut performance in TDT. I've already heard that audio, and let me tell you guys, you are in for a SERIOUS treat. Tee and Philippa are a fantastic one-two combo that can knock your audio socks off with their mad voice acting skillz.

Speaking of audio, I am listening to the final draft of episode three and SQUEE! This is the first time you'll get to hear Mur Lafferty in TDT, but not the last. Also, a fan favorite character makes his small, but powerful, entrance. That's all I'm saying for now. Apparently Jamie got some great outtake material from him. It will be another week and a half before you get to hear all this awesome though. Try to contain yourselves.

So that's your newsflash for today. You may commence your celebrations.



Sirahal said...

"Apparently Jamie got some great outtake material from him."

Do you plan to make a "blooper reel" for all this? A group of members for the HP RP sim I'm in got together and did a chapter reading of one of the HP books, and put a blooper reel together and it was HYSTERICAL - I can only imagine something like your production would be even better :D

Slave To My Novel said...

The blooper reel will depend on Jamie. If we do one, it will definitely have to be marked EXPLICIT as it involves a massive amount of cursing. On my part anyway. LOL

Sirahal said...