Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The day after launch day

All things said and done, I am very pleased with the way the big launch went for The Dreamer's Thread. I've gotten some great comments on the narration, production, and cast. That makes me happy. :)

There was a comment last post about the length of the first episode and I promise, no, SWEAR to you all that episode 1 is the longest episode in the entire podcast. All other episodes will be around 45 minutes in length. Give or take a minute or two.

My reason for making episode 1 longer is simple. I wanted to do all the character building in one episode. I felt splitting it in two might bore folks a little, so I opted for a longer debut, rather than 2 consecutive weeks of Aura's "everyday" life. Either way, it was going to be a tough sell. I, and the audio producer, Jamie Jordan, both agreed it was the way to go.

Beginning next week, The Dreamer's Thread will dive head first into pure fantasy. As a teaser, here is the introduction for episode 2.

"With today’s chapters, reality is no longer real. You are about to enter the realm of the magical. The land of the impossible. The place where fairytales are born. We are leaving behind the dingy and mundane routines of the everyday and entering the place that every child knows to be real.

For those of you that still want to believe in wishing on stars, true love, or once upon a times, you are among your kindred. For those of you that do not, I invite you to put aside your logic and get swept away to a never was. Stop questioning. Cast off the bonds of doubt. Do not keep your feet on the ground. If you do, you can never hope to see the adventure around the next corner, the twist of fate to your left, the out of place something that lurks in your periferal vision, or the chance encounter tapping you on the shoulder. All these things can be, but only if you let them find you."

So with that, I'll leave you all to digest episode one, if you haven't already, and to eagerly await the second installment of The Dreamer's Thread. You've helped make "launch day" a memorable one for me, and I hope the podcast continues to entertain you.



Nobilis Reed said...

Oh my god.

I just finished the first episode. This is one of the best first episodes I've ever heard!

Your sound quality is marvelous, and your delivery has plenty of emotion, plenty of depth. The writing is pretty damn good, too.


Slave To My Novel said...

Hee! I'm blushing! What a wonderful compliment! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the other episodes just as much!